Wedding Reception

Congratulations on your wedding.  Let Essence of Elegance cater your memorable wedding reception.  Our experienced wedding consultants will listen to your ideas and vision to create your perfect day.

Essence of Elegance Gourmet Policies

A maximum of two entrée choices may be served for any dinner reception.  The host is responsible to indicate by place card and floor plan each guest entrée selection to enable our staff to efficiently and professionally serve each guest.

Guarantee of Attendance

Required seven (7) days in advance of event and not subject to reduction, but can increase up to 48 hours prior to event.  Charges will be based on this guarantee or on actual attendance, whichever is higher.  In the event that no final guarantee is received, the original estimated attendance will be used and charged accordingly.

Food and Beverage

All food will be provided by Cuomo Catering Company and will be consumed within the time framed by Cuomo Catering Company and will be consumed within the time frame of the event as stated in the Catering Contract. Cuomo Catering Company reserves the right to confiscate food or beverage that is not noted by Director of Catering.


All alcohol is provided by Cuomo Catering Company. All mixers, soft drinks, sparkling waters, garnishes, disposable cocktail napkins, and ice are included in your beverage package. The bar is typically open for four hours of a five and one half hour reception. (Bars will be closed during dinner service.) Additional charges will apply for each one half hour beverage service is required after package ends.

Final Payment

A final payment is due seven (7) days prior to the event based on guarantee of attendance.  Any additions are due (5) days prior to the event based on guarantee of attendance.  Any additional charges that may occur will be payable the day of the function. 

A deposit of $1,500.00 or 5% is due upon reserving the date.

Tax and Gratuity

The Illinois state tax will be added to your order at 10% and a gratuity in the amount of 18% will be added to all orders.

Hired Professionals

All professionals hired by client to execute the event (i.e. disc jockeys, musicians, photographers, florists, etc.) are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while they are performing their specific duties.  Essence of Elegance does not assume any responsibility for equipment lost, damaged or stolen.

Children’s Meals

A child between three (3) and ten (10) years of age will be eligible to receive a child’s meal.  Children’s meals are $20.95 per child.  Please ask for entrée choices.  All entrees include a House Salad dressed with House Dressing or Fresh Fruit Cup and Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls.